Visit to Benfleet Pillbox

Posted: November 29, 2011 by BTP Joe in Event Review
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BTP Liam and I payed a quick visit to Benfleet’s pillbox at the weekend and it’s the first time that we had been there but it’s definitely not the last. In the first picture below you can the see the pillbox; situated alongside a river as Britain was imminent to a German invasion. The bunker was used in the second World War and probably built in 1940/1. The picture shows how isolated the pillbox is, perfect for a good attack on a small boat.

The Pillbox

As you can see on top of the pillbox there are concrete ‘lumps’ which would have helped to disguise it.

Pillbox Roof

Pillbox’s have slits in and this one is no different. Formally called a ‘loop’ is used for shooting out of. This one also has a bit more security as it is lined with metal reinforcements.


As far as the actual structure is concerned, it has a concrete and stone mixture for the outer ‘frame’, then on top of that it has a brick layer. There would probably be another layer on top of that, like the concrete that is on top.

Brick Layers

The entrance to the bunker is still in good condition and you can go in it (if you don’t mind small spaces!) Just inside the entrance is a brick wall and the bricks are built in a ‘zig-zag’ way for extra protection.

The entrance is on the right

'Zig-Zag' Bricks

That’s pretty much the whole bunker. We didn’t have the chance to go inside as we wasn’t wear the correct clothes, but hopefully we will at some point.


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