The New Roscommon Way Extension

Posted: December 18, 2011 by BTP Liam in Event Review, Local Event, Various
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Today I took a quick trip down the new £18 million Roscommon Way road extension. It was very surreal seeing familiar viewpoints from a different perspective, of course a main road running down the middle. I can safely say that the Occidental  Jetty is unaffected by the road, nor any of the occidental structures, apart from an old round-a-bout and some pavement (the extension only skims the side of the 1970’s remains site). What is even more comforting is that Canvey’s last pillbox, situated off of Haven Road, not only is untouched (due to it having a protection order, albeit almost on the roadside), but has been cleaned out from overgrowing bushes and litter on it’s inside. It is now also easier to access, simply by taking the roadside bridleway, rather than leaping through farms and squeezing under barbed wire fences.

It is supposed to ease traffic on Canvey Way coming off and to the Island, but I’m not convinced this is the purpose of it being built. Just last week, plans for a chemical storage to be built in the fields near Haven Road (which would devalue house prices, cause disruption, uglyness, and risk a “Buncefield”-type explosion). This seems to have been kept quiet, and although not stated, it is quite clear that the building of the ‘road to nowhere’ has been done to allow easy access to the chemical liquid storage, as it doesn’t seem to have a greater, more apparent, purpose. I have the evidence that road signs have been erected along the roadside directing you to the ‘Liquid Storage Facilities’ which haven’t been constructed yet, and was only passed last week – they seem a little too ready to accept that this facility will be made, don’t they!?? Apparently, the road has been made to meet and does not hinder the requirements of the lush wildlife in the area, although I see this as simply getting through the legal system. For us, this road alone can only be a good thing, although with the Chemical Storage Facilities imminent, it appears ‘money-care-only’ people, who  perhaps haven’t even visited the Island, are gaining too strong a foothold, and the building of the road will lead onto greater construction. I just want to voice Beyond the Point’s opinion, increase awareness, and state that we do not support, and in fact protest to, the development of Canvey in a detrimental way, which does not even try to detect the concerns of its people…


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