Thorney Bay Army Camp – More Remains plus Rare Pictures!

Posted: March 23, 2012 by BTP Liam in Event Review, Other Websites/Organisations
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Hello all. Last weekend Joe and I visited Thorney Bay Army Camp again, and were pleased with our finds. You can see the previously covered surviving remains here . This time we ventured into the camp and found another magazine (ammunition store_ like the one from last time. This one had metal grates over the holes in the walls, and one wall was painted white – it was in use as an electrics building or something similar.


And we also found the hexagonal indentations in the sea wall. Pillboxes originally used to be here – when the wall was built/upgraded to the one we know it today in the 70s and 80s, these pillboxes were so tough their concrete couldn’t be easily destroyed. Instead the foundations of the wall were built around the buried pillbox (most remain embedded under the seawall today).

Courtesy of Canvey Archive (

Next up are some pictures I found over at the formidable resource ‘SEAX’ at This site featuresa map with literally the exact location of every Roman coin, old boat, or WW2 pillbox throughout Essex, along with pictures for a few of them. I found these incredible pictures (,61,79) which I don’t think have really passed anyone’s attention before, and were taken in the 1990s by Fred Nash, an owner of the site. They show colour pictures of the remains of the camp in the final days – here are a select few:

Troop Housing

A sad sight - a probable pillbox

A pillbox gets its head smashed - half a loop-hole can be seen

A probable underground air-raid shelter for the camp - my dad remembers this in the 70s

Excellent, although painful to watch, pictures. For all the pictures from our trip go here:

And for our mini-documentary on it, visit here:



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