King Canute – Exclusive Inside Footage and Photos

Posted: April 4, 2015 by BTP Joe in Event Review
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Hello all! Some of the shutters have now come down on Canvey Island’s own landmark – the King Caute public house. The building, which isn’t listed, is now under new ownership. Liam and I popped down to the club upon hearing that some of the shutters had been taken and upon arriving we spoke to the new owner. He said that he is unsure on what he’s going to be doing with the building, although it will be a few months until anything happens but he is keen to keep the building in it’s heritage condition despite being able to modify it as it isn’t listed. He also said that the building signage will be kept and most likely framed as he agreed with us that the history of building is important.

The short video below shows what the pub is currently like inside. The owner also said that we were welcome back in a few months to view more of the site. These clips will all be used in a documentary that we are working on which covers the history of the site!

Below is our collection of photos of the interior of the former pub, which we took at the same time as we filmed our video. You can also like our Facebook page where we also post our full set of photographs, videos and website updates including new content.

  1. suecondon says:

    Tragic. I worked as a cleaner in there for a little while, and a brief spell in the kitchen. The beautiful fireplace was so cosy in winter, and I particularly enjoyed one New Year’s Eve sing-song. Seen lots of live bands in there. Happy times. Such a shame.

  2. Eunice Brockman says:

    I ran that pub for ten years and met some lovely people, I have both happy and some not so happy memories of my time there, so sad to see the old place like that.

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