Finds Cabinet

Welcome to Beyond the Point’s find cabinet! Finds can give clues to what an area of land was used for, how long ago and by who. Due to Canvey Island’s location, at the mouth of the Thames, vast amounts of pottery and other finds of an archaeological and historical interest are washed up here. Finds can date to a few decades old or a few centuries.


Over the years we have found many significant finds on Canvey Island and around ranging from Victorian glaze ware to live bullets! On this site you can find the finds that we consider to be the best of the best from Castle Point and around, or you can click here to view our finds from Lake Garda, Italy! All of the finds are by far best that we have found. Some have been dated and examined by the Find’s Liaison Officer of Essex, so we can guarantee that the descriptions are accurate! If you have any questions pop a comment in below or contact us via the contact page!

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