Dating Finds

Dating finds is usually the most difficult aspect for finds analysts as there are so many objects out there with a historic significance, it could be from any date! In the past, I have had a few finds that I couldn’t date so I have met up with the Finds Liaison Officer of Essex and Colchester Castle’s Curator of Archaeology.

You can get a rough idea of the date of a find due to:

  • Location Found
  • Markings/Writing
  • Style/Shape

Experts use knowledge like this to assess their finds as every find must be photographed, logged and recorded. Even finds that are only a few years old, or are going to be thrown away must be logged. Despite this taking up a lot of space, it has to be done as the finds could relate to future information.

The image featured was dated and identified by the past Finds Liaison Officer who said:

The segment is from a Samian ware pot. Samian Ware is a high quality type of pottery that dates back to the Roman Era. It can be recognised easily due to it’s vibrant orangy color and smooth texture.

We (Beyond the Point) will be starting a new policy that relates to our finds. Every find that we discover will be recorded, logged and photographed and kept for future reference. This policy will be in use from January 2012.


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