Italian Finds

Lago di Garda or Lake Garda, is Italy’s biggest lake. At it’s biggest it stretches 11 miles across and 30 miles in length! Dotted around the lake are many communities and the one below is Malcesine. Tourists use the boats to travel across it as it would take ages by car so back in the medieval era, all the ports would have to have a pretty good defence system! Malcesine used the castle below. There is a little bay next to it, which is indicated by the arrow. When I went there I couldn’t believe what I found. Take a look at the pictures below to find out what we found!

And look at what we found….

All of these finds were dated, named and researched by myself using the internet and books. This is by far the best finds that I have found, and finding there right next to a castle, just adds to the excitement! Whereas they are probably not worth much value wise, the historical significance is of great value to us, despite them being foreign objects. Malcesine is still a place that I visit when I go to Lake Garda, however the little bay area is now always at high tide, making it unable to get the finds, but it’s good that we got these ones early. We can provide you with more information about these finds upon request, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  1. BTP Liam says:

    I’ve checked on the internet, and have found that your first bullet is 9mm in diameter, so it probably was from a fairly modern (post ww2) pistol or sub-machine gun. The second bullet is around 6mm in diameter, so thinking wishfully, could have been one of these
    used in most Italian ww2 rifles and machine guns. The last bullet is unkown.

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