What We’ve Found

Where ever you go there are always finds whether they are from a few years ago to the World War’s and beyond! Over the years we have found many significant finds on Canvey Island and around ranging from Victorian glazeware to live bullets! Below are what we consider to be the best of the best from Castle Point, or you can click here to view our finds from Lake Garda, Italy!

Samian Ware Pottery. This type of pottery was mainly in use in the Roman era and has been dated to that time. It is the highest quality of pottery and can be easily spotted by it’s vibrant orangy color.

Pipe Bowl. Pipes were very common in the 20th century especially in sailors. As they were so common, sailors would have thrown them over board. It is very easy to find a pipe, but very rare to find one with the bowl on the end. We have found loads of pipes over the past decade but only 2 pipes with bowels and this one even has a face engraved!

Victorian Glaze Ware. Found in Kismet Park, this is a red glass substance dating back to Victorian times. It has been identified as glaze ware.

Victorian Horse Buckle. This buckle that was found on the mudflats would have belonged to a horse and would have been used in it’s harnesses. It would have been used in the Victorian era.

Bullet. This bullet was found below Southend Pier. It was found live so it may have fell through the pier, or may have been simply washed up!

All of the finds are by far best that we have found. They have all been dated and examined by the Find’s Liaison Officer of Essex, so we can guarantee that the descriptions are highly accurate! If you have any questions pop a comment in below or contact us via the contact page!

  1. BTP Liam says:

    Lol don’t want to sound like a ‘gun nut’ but the bullet above doesn’t look like a 9mm – those are usually short and rounded and are the ones used in pistols. That is a rifle bullet, possibly a .303 which is the ones used in British wartime rifles and machine guns – so hard to tell though cos they are all so similar!

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