December – Yearly Round-Up

This year has raced by and has seen the birth of a new blog and archive called Beyond the Point. It’s hard to think that we started just 5 months ago in July and since then we have bought you 52 blog posts (including this one) with 78 tags! Along with setting up the website we have a bought a Facebook group, forum and a popular YouTube channel to you. It has been an extremely popular year, well few months, with over 4000 website views and audiences from as far as New York. As you can see in the previous blog post, we have finished exploring the Occidental site and we have vastly increased our knowledge and have created some detailed blog reports which will help to archive and record this fascinating site.

What does 2012 bring?

The sign for the pillbox by the newly completely Roscommon way extension

We have already started by putting up signs that will give people a slight insight into what is around them. For example this sign which was the first to be put up at the pillbox situated alongside the newly completed Roscommon way extension. We also have signs ready for the ‘big OJ’ (Occidental Jetty as BTP Liam would say) and the concrete barge. For the more ‘business’ side of Beyond the Point we will getting sponsors/supporters for the site and we are going to try and increase our presence with the press. We will also be heavily adding to our fantastic new interactive map which will include a vast selection of historical locations. In addition to this another interactive map will be released which will be Canvey today, a ‘tourist’ style one.

With a special thanks to Janet Penn, Dave Bullock, Martin Lepley, Robin Howie, and those at the Bay Museum, for all their interest, support, and help.

After a fantastic 2011 Beyondthe Point Liam and myself wishes you a happy and healthy New Year!


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