July – Opening Statement

Hi, it’s Joe and Liam at Beyond the Point (BTP) here. We created this blog to archive and record our adventures and to learn about your experiences and knowledge on Canvey Island, and the surrounding Castle Point. Every now and then, we plan out biking rides to remote areas of Canvey and Castle Point, discovering old structures and surviving remnants of the Island and around, such as pillboxes and bunkers from the Second World war, Two Tree Island and Canvey’s old Oil Refinery, to name but a few…

We live on Canvey Island as we have done all our life, and wish to increase awareness of a hidden past, which you wouldn’t even know was there, but also to find out more from your experience, on the illusive background surrounding these locations.

These trips are planned using GPS and satellite images, which are also used to uncover unusual structures, only visible from above. We set out with photography equipment and handheld transceivers, and of course a tasty lunch and protective clothing – after all, we do have British weather! We sometimes take digging equipment to find antique specimens, and BTP Joe here has even contacted the Finds Liaison Officer of Essex and the Archaeological Curator of Colchester Castle Museum.

We would like to hear from you on the history of our uncovered structures and locations, and hope that this website is of great interest to you, keeping you regularly updated on upcoming adventures…


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