October – Canvey Island Transport Museum Open Day

Every year the Bus Transport Museum (situated next to Leigh Beck School on Canvey) holds an open day where visitors can get a feel of what period bus travel would feel like and also get a taste of a modern day market! At the market, BTP Liam and I were fortunate enough to met the famous Janet Penn and Angela Owen who had a stall there dedicated to the website CanveyIsland.org. Liam and I bought a few items and had a brief chat before looking around the rest of the stalls.

We came across a model ‘city’ when were there which was rather interesting!

Next door to the museum is Leigh Beck School. The grounds were covered in period cars and it was a trip down memory lane for me and Liam!

Period Car 1

Period Car 2

Period Vehicle 3

Period Car 4

Period Car 5

Once you had looked around the market and Leigh Beck you could get onto one of the buses and go to the seafront where they had a much more bigger selection of period buses, cars and army vehicles.

Period Bus 1

Period Bus 2

Period Bus 3

Period Bus 3

Period Bus 4

Period Buses 5

Shrill Carder Bee Monument

The last picture is of the Bee Monument down the Sea Front. BTP Liam knows one of it’s designers quite well!


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