October – Domain Name & General Update

Hello everyone! We are currently making some changes to Beyond The Point to make the site even better and incorporate more knowledge and our member’s experiences into it. We have started by changing our website address to http://www.beyondthepoint.co.uk from beyondcanvey.wordpress.com. This is so that it easier to find and also promote.  From now on it can be found at the .co.uk address but do not fear, Beyond the Point can still be found at the original address too! Secondly, we have started displaying posters around Canvey. This is so that we can promote the website and preserve your memories. As you can see, we have added The Bay Museum to our links on the right. They helped us by displaying a poster. If there’s any knowledge you want to know, there’s the place! Lastly we have started a Beyond the Point Newsletter. You can subscribe to this by emailing to this address. beyondthepointenews@mail.com (Please place your name in the subject bar). That’s all from us but in the meantime you can visit our forum or Facebook Group!


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