October – Future BTP Concepts

I’m going to tell you what will be relatively just around the corner…

I’m first going to tell you what new features we are going to be working on. We have plans for an interactive map which will display a satellite map which will stretch from Tilbury to Shoeburyness horizontally, and from Colchester to Upper Kent’s ‘Dengie Peninsula’ vertically. This should give ample room to fit a majority of our visits on the map in which you will be to click on an area, which will then bring up a closer map of that area. You will then be able to select a landmark which will then direct you to our article of when we visited it. Another upcoming feature of which I will very shortly begin work on is 3D models made with Google Sketchup for Google Earth. The Sketchup model I am going to create first will be reconstruction, using photographs, and today’s remaining evidence, of Canvey’s Occindental oil refinery, in the 70s, when it was in it’s most complete form. BtP will also be creating digital montages to create images showing what a local relic, such as the Barge, would look like, if it was still here today.

We also have several posts which we have been needing to get out for a while. These will be ‘Occindental Refinery Visit 1’ and ‘2’, plus our finds from the area near Canvey’s western flood barrier.

BtP will also be reloaded with some more decent (unlike the wall climbing tutorial) Beyond the Point TV videos. These will of course be added to Beyond the Scenes, as well as some informative articles. We also will be adding a list of ‘Resources’ – some great links to relevant interesting websites.

Of course, you’re probably thinking “But where will they go next?” places we have lined up for ys to visit include Canvey’ssSea defences, Hadleigh Victorian dump and viaduct, Southend’s Cold War defenae boom, and Hadleigh’s illusive Roman ruins.

I hope this has watered your mouth enough for today, and I hope you will keep up the interest! Subscribe to our RSS right of the site’s heading.

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