October – Walk Around Canvey

Hello all! BTP Liam and I had a great day yesterday as we explored the CK69 boat at Smallgains Boat Yard, we passed by the Telephone line at Thorney Bay and we stopped at Dead Mans Point! We set off from BTP Liam’s house and biked along the sea wall that runs parallel to Hadleigh and stopped just before Kings’ Holiday Park’s back fence at the spot where a bunker once was. Once we had taken a few photos we biked along the sea wall to Smallgains Boat Yard where we got some photo’s of the CK69 Boat and the boat that is next to it.


Both of the Boats

The boat was heavily damaged a few years ago due to a fire.


The roof of the other boat

Inside of the boat

The boat must have been left unfinished

After we had finished looking at the boats we headed down to the seawall, near Leigh Beck, where Canvey’s Lost Pillbox was. BTP Liam did a post on it just last week as it was newly discovered and seen for the first time ever on video footage. There isn’t anything there today but at least we can say that we’ve been there! Afterwards we headed over to Dead Man’s point but stopped at Thorney Bay on the way and got some pictures of the Telephone cables.

Telephone Cable Sign

Telephone Cables

Telephone Cables

Telephone Cables

After we got the pictures at Thorney Bay we headed down to Dead Man’s Point where we got some stunning pictures. Keep an eye on the website as we will be launching a new section soon which features the best of our images. If you want yours added, please email them to beyondthepointliam@mail.com. Our full image set for this visit, can be found at our facebook group.

BTP Liam on his handheld transceiver

The lovely sunset

An anchor resting in the sunset

The Labworth

Seagulls flying over The Labworth

Good old’ Canvey!


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