April – Beyond the Point Reaches 10,000 Website Hits

Yes, the big round number, 10,000, is how many website views that Beyond the Point has received since it’s launch 9 months ago! It’s extremely re-assuring and encouraging for us to know that people like the content that we are writing about. We have received fantastic support from local magazines such as ‘Love Canvey‘ and ‘Your Canvey‘, local historical groups such as the Canvey Community Archive and The Bay Museum and also local organizations that have helped support BTP by displaying our posters in their shop windows. In the past 30 days alone we’ve had close to 1,500 views with the most views from the UK, USA, Australia, Barbados, Canada, Philippines and Turkey.  All of the locations that we’ve had visitors from are:

United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Barbados, Canada, Philippines, Turkey, Pakistan, Norway, Sweden, Argentina, Russian Federation, Brazil, India, Peru, Finland, Iceland, Germany, Nepal, Honduras, Tunisia, Netherlands, Mexico, Colombia, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Cyprus, Malaysia, Switzerland, Thailand, Guatemala, Trinidad and Tobago, Fiji, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Morocco, Ukraine, Venezuela, Italy, Bangladesh, Belgium, New Zealand, Ghana, Denmark, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Czech Republic, Spain and Bulgaria!

Liam and I have posted a combination of 77 posts (including this one) with the content ranging from new releases and site news to adventures out and about! Since we started with our .wordpress.com domain name we’ve bought a new domain, introduced a shop, YouTube channel, Facebook pages e.t.c We’ve got some great plans coming up this year especially for our BTP birthday on July 17th. We’re currently in the process of filming a documentary about the past, present and future of Canvey Island. This feature length full HD video will include interviews from local residents who have lived through an engaging time. A preview will be put on Beyond the Point TV on July 17th to mark our 1st birthday and the video will be sold for a small cost which will contribute towards new equipment and website maintenance.

However before the documentary you’ll have to make do with an action packed trailer for out next monster film. With amazing special effects provided by BM Effects, Beyond the Point brings to you, an exciting high definition look at what’s coming up later this year. The promo is being released to mark BTP hitting 10,000 website views!

Once again, thank you for liking and supporting Beyond the Point. Happy Easter!


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