August – Beyond the Point Exhibition in The Bay Museum

The Bay Museum now has a new site, made by the BTP Boys on WordPress. Visit it here The old site was made from scrath and so was too difficult to update, plus it was left incomplete anyway, so we were asked to create them a new one. What’s more is Beyond the Point will have a long-term, possibly permanent, display section in the museum, on the top floor left of the balcony door. We have produced a display on what remains of Canvey’s history – quote from the Bay Museum’s website:

From Sunday 12th of August onwards, (creators of this website, who research and explore local historical remnants) are displaying an exhibition on Canvey’s history, through time. However, it focuses on what’s left of our history, and what you can go and see yourself. Covering everything from Upper Horse Island – a Roman Fort, to nuclear and wartime bunkers, even covering the illusive history of Canvey’s oil refinery which could have been, covering one fith of the Island’s land-mass. Featuring archeological finds, intricate models, and plenty of information and images, this new look on your island is an unmissable exhibition. The Museum is open every Sunday, with the display located to the left of the upstairs balcony door, so come and see it for yourself.

Here is a close up of the scale model of Canvey’s Nuclear ROC Post ( I made which is on display within the exhibit.


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