January – BTP in Your Canvey Magazine

2012 gets off to a good start with Beyond the Point being very popular. Our current website stats are 55 on average a day which is really great and encouraging for us! This could be partly due to Beyond the Point being mentioned in the popular ‘Your Canvey‘ For those of you that aren’t familiar with Your Local Mags:

Your Canvey Mag

Your Canvey Magazine was launched in July 2007 and quickly became necessary reading for residents of Canvey Island. Your Canvey is published monthly and distributed FREE to over 14,000 households on the Island. It is delivered to half of the Island one month and the other half the next with copies always being available in the local library, council offices, King’s Park and now ONLINEclick here to view the latest issue. Successful since its launch, Your Canvey has gone from strength to strength and is now a well established part of the local community. Feedback from residents is very positive – after all we all prefer to support local businesses when we have the choice. The magazine includes a wealth of local information which means that many residents keep hold of it for future reference. Your Canvey is produced, along with Your Benfleet & Hadleigh by Canvey Island Publishing Ltd. It is a TOTALLY INDEPENDENT business run by local residents Graham and Angela Owen. Canvey Island Publishing is not part of a large corporation nor a franchise, but a local company who want to encourage local communities to use local businesses.

Your Canvey Mag

It’s worth a read and if you don’t get it through your door, feel free to read it here. Liam and I would like to thank Angela for including us in the magazine and if you’re new to website we hope you enjoy it. (Why not use our forum to look around easier?) 

We’re now also on the Your Canvey website (http://yourlocalmags.co.uk/canvey/home), with a picture of me taking a photo of a generator building at TN9 Hadleigh HAA Site and Army Camp! This has boosted our top website views in one day to 128! Thanks Angela and Graham – in return there is now a permanent link here at BTP to Your Local Mag’s website to the left and below. Here is a screenshot of the site’s homepage:


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