March – BTP eShop Launch

We are always looking for ways to make Beyond the Point better and we have a few plans up our sleeve for the upcoming months, but our latest addition to BTP is our brand new online shop!

Liam and I have been busy this weekend setting the shop up! We signed up to the Amazon Associates Program, allowing us to set up the shop but the beauty of it is; that we don’t have to have any products to sell. The scheme works by BTP Liam and I adding products that other companies are currently selling on amazon. This is classed as advertising and therefore we get a small percentage of the money from the items that we sell. The money that we get (it’s not much, around 10%), goes towards running this site and maintaining and purchasing equipment. As we get to choose the products in our store, we only choose the best products. These can range from books to coats to metal detecting equipment. We’ve created a new section in the forum, where we will post a ‘product of the month’, a product that we highly recommend! Why not visit the shop today from the comfort of your own home?

Click the image below to visit our shop.

Beyond the Point eShop


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