May – Canvey Island Documentary DVD Launch

We are soon to release our DVD documentary on Canvey Island and we gave Janet Penn a copy to write a review! Janet kindly wrote an article on the Canvey Island Archivewebsite. In the article she said:

Well done boys, do I see a TV careers in the offing?

BTP Joe filming for the documentary

Janet may very well be right! On May 18th I submitted a video on Organ Donation as part of an NHS competition to promote the National Organ Donation Week. The shortlist was announced at the start of the week and I am proud to say that the video is in it!!! 😀 In the 2 minute documentary we tried to get the message across that you should consider organ donation today and sign up and tell your family. Our friend, Luke Whitlam, is an dying boy who is desperate for an organ donation and he’s only wish is to go to school. At the same time, myself, is dreaming of becoming a proffessional athlete as I admire football. (A lot of acting required!!). Whilst playing football my ball goes into the road, where I run after it and get hit by a car. As I was signed up on the organ donation register Luke was able to recieve the gift of my organs and go to school; his dream come true. Luke said:

Organ donation is very important because you just have to sign up and signing up saves lives. I think our video showed that and got the point across.

We are very proud of our success and achievement towards this video. You can watch out video below and please watch as the winner is partly chosen by the number of views the video gets!! The judges will decide on a winner and the results will be announced publicly on 4th July in which Luke and myself and invited to the Official Awards Ceremony!! The prize is £1000’s worth of film equipment so you can expect an awesome monster film this year is we win!! Please also sign up the forum, where we will regularly keep you updated! Forum Topic

Please refer to more recent articles regarding purchasing the DVD.

Wow, a lot of tags!! “Canvey, our little Thames town” is probably going to be the most iconic BTP words that you’ll ever hear! On June 3rd 2012 Liam and I will be down the sea front as part of the Town Council Diamond Jubilee event. The event is  a giant picnic event, where everyone can bring a bite to eat, or visit the local food shops and sit down and listen to the band music play! With confirmation from the various choirs, it’s guaranteed to be a great day out for all the family! The event times are 1pm until 6pm and it’s being organised by the town council; Geraldine Vallis in particular. But wait… gets even better!! Beyond the Point will be there! We could say it in posh terms “Visit our exclusive one off, road show!!” We will be in the heritage marquee promoting the website and the work that we do with our own stall which will feature a selection of our top finds (including the Stephens Inks thermometer), our best pictures, and an exclusive DVD which can only be purchased there and then! For all of our budding BTP readers, you can keep an eye on our countdown to the left <<<

Canvey Island Documentary DVD by


With 20+ copies available, make sure you get one! Titled “Canvey Island – A comprehensive documentary” this documentary DVD will feature information, interviews and images from Canvey Island throughout the ages! This 1 hour (approx) DVD will be on sale for £4.99 and it has been filmed in full High Definition! We haven’t done any BTP visits over the past couple of months as we’ve been out every weekend filming this and this weekend will be the last, with Liam just needing to do a final interview! We’ve been all over the island and after hours of filming and editing it will finally be ready! You can view the trailer below! You can also keep up with us via Twitter and Facebook!

That’s all from us, make sure you visit us on the day!


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