April – Beyond the Point’s April Fools 2012


Due to recent media interest, Beyond the Point has decided to release a press statement surrounding potential prosecution on us.

On March 23rd 2013, we decided to visit Walmarth Hospital to get some last minute photos before demolition takes places at the start of this month. After leaping over a fence at the back of the site, we narrowly avoided builders and security guards on the site, however we didn’t manage to avoid the CCTV cameras. After approaching a building with no metal shutters, we snuck in though a window. With an alarm sounding, we were quick to take our photos and film our footage before leaving. We had just climbed back out of the window before seeing several men in high-vis vests, one of which with a police dog. We decided to run in the opposite direction thinking that we hadn’t been seen before running past armed police who pointed tasers and guns at us. Being told to “get down” we frantically dropped to the floor and awaited further instructions. We were cuffed by the police before having a helicopter spotlight put on us. We were taken to the local police station, Frimpton Police Station, before being interviewed with a local solicitor present. Being collected at 11pm that afternoon, we were collected by our parents before getting a court date, April 18th. We will be appearing at Basildon court on that day to face possible prosecution and also to get legally given a cease and desist order, refraining us from continuing our work for http://www.beyondthepoint.co.uk. Regrettably we will have to close down the site along with all social networking connections by midnight, April 28th 2013. Unfortunately we cannot transfer the website to new owners however the domain name will go on sale. We apologise for the inconvenience caused and our personal fascination for history will no stop.

Further media statements will be issued in due course.

Believe what you wish..

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