December – BTP Christmas Special and Explore Your Archive Campaign Launch

Merry Christmas BTP fanboys, fangirls, urbexers, local historians, photographers, and movie makers. If you’re at school or college, then its Sunday before we go back for one last week. If you’re not in education, then, well, it’s still Sunday.  Therefore, to cheer you up, we made this short movie to entertian you. It features the BTP boys reclaiming their lost presents, who a rather cheeky Father Christmas threw out of their sleigh. In doing so they visit several historic places around Canvey Island (BTP Headquarters), and even come into contact with local legend, a break from our usual historic documentaries.

On a more serious note, we had the pleasure of visiting the Houses of Parliament thanks to Marie Owens, organiser of the Community Archive and Heritage Group who awarded us Best National Heritage Group and Website of the Year. There at Westminster, London, was the launch of the ‘Explore Your Archive’ campaign, aiming to raise awareness of local history archives nationwide over the upcoming future. There, we mingled and dined with historians and MPs, and watched a film made about the project. We also were able to hear a speech from the various figureheads concerning the campaign.

Visit the campaign website here:


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