May – Dr Feelgood Exhibition


Hello everyone! A few more weeks then BTP will be returning back to normal; exploring, blogging and documenting. Last Thursday we were fortunate enough to be invited by Chris Fenwick, band manager, to the V.I.P. opening of the Dr. Feelgood Exhibition at the Canvey Club. We attended in some contemporary rock n’ roll clothes and had a great night, learning a lot more about the Band. We attended with our guest for the evening, Alan Taylor, a massive fan! It featured a plethora of Feelgood merchandise, memorabilia  and cuttings, and was excellent for giving us the Feelgood factor of what the band were really all about. We spoke to people who had travellled from Scotland, Finland, and even Holland to visit Canvey Island, to them trademarked with the stamp of Dr. Feelgood. It just showed how popular the band was during the mid seventies, and the image they put out of Canvey.


Left to right – Liam Heatherson, Joe Mander, Phil Mitchel, Chris Fenwick, Kevin Morris, Alan Taylor.

We were fortunate enough to get interviews with Phil Mitchel (base guitar since 1980s), Kevin Morris (drummer since 1980s), Chris Fenwick (long-term manager) and due to audio issues, we will hopefully be getting one with Chris Fenwick soon. The exhibition site describes the evening as:

Take a journey through the early years when Lee, Wilko,
Sparko and the Big Figure cut their teeth on Canvey Island
before exploding onto the London pub rock scene.

View an incredible collection of concert posters, record
sleeves, press cuttings and previously unseen photographs
from the days of Down By The Jetty and Milk and Alcohol
all the way through to the modern era.

Never before assembled in one place, this is a unique
opportunity to get close to the artefacts and imagery
from one of the worlds most exciting live bands.

This was our first time in the club and it’s really warm and cosy inside making it an amazing evening for all Feelgood fans and even people who want to find out more! The band played in the fireplace for the best part of a year inside this historic old shack, just before they hit the mainstream.



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