Benfleet and Hadleigh & Thundersley Community Archive

Benfleet Community Archive:

Similar to Hadleigh’s archive in design, and similar to all three aforementioned archives in navigation, this site is simple to use, modern, and has a sizable host of articles to read on a range of topics. I would definitely recommend visiting this site and taking a look around at You will find that Benfleet has many more historical sites than you may be aware of, and is packed with a few curious tales and locations, such as the ghost at the Water Tower, or the abstract Shipright’s House you probably go by at least once a week. All this is over at the archive…

Hadleigh and Thundersley Community Archive:

I only stumbled upon this site recently, and I am pleased that I did! With an easy-to-navigate layout and design close to that of Benfleet’s Archive, this website will be familiar as soon as you first take a look at it. Set up only a year ago, it needs your help to boost it with articles, tales, pictures, and memories. It has a great selection of articles, although needs you to expand this database. Pop over to this great site vital for preserving our history. It has some really comprehensive information, along with plenty of uncommon old pictures. Canvey stands under the rule of Hadleigh’s Castle, and is a popular view from the seawall. If you are interested in Canvey’s history then why not pay a visit to Hadleigh, Thundersley, and also Daws Heath’s archive, sign up – you’ll find this interesting too, and possibly even submit an article to help get it going furthermore!



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