Derelict Places

Derelict Places:

First of all I would like to thank the community, especially ‘krela’, of ‘Derelict Places’ for allowing me to put a link to my website on the forum, and for the interest taken in beyond the Point and the places we visit. What cannot be guaranteed with any forum, Derelict Places have an extremely mature, interested, and supportive community, and starting out on their site is simple, with no need to go through a ‘newbies only’ area first e.t.c. It is almost entirely dedicated to the exploration of England and the rest of Britain, with a small section on explores abroad. It is a chance for people to document thier adventures with great depth and some beautiful photographs. This site is choc-a-blog with pictures and info, and it’s the perfect site for anyone interested in the subject to visit if they can’t think of something to do. Check it out, sign up, and get reporting!



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