Google Earth

Google Earth provides us with the satellight images as mentioned in the ‘About Us’ section. The free downloadable software allows you to explore anywhere on earth – literally; from America to Australia, to the deepest oceans to Mars and the solar system!

Below you can see the Occidental Oil Refinery. Views like this help us to navigate around the site as some structures are only visible from above. The top screenshot is from 2006 – Google’s latest view and it shows the refinery as how it looked then (which is overgrown and not in very good condition.) The image below that is from 1999 (the oldest view you can get) which shows it clearer as there was less overgrowth. The older view is good for many aspects as you can tell how things have changed and you can also see the concrete barge!

Google Earth 2006

Google Earth 1999

There are many other good things about Google earth and I strongly reccomend that you download it, after all it is free! You can do so many things on there, too much to write about on here but if you want a fantastic tool, this is it!


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