The Bay Museum

The Bay Museum:

Open in the daytime on a Sunday, situated near Canvey’s shell beach, a bit further down than The Labworth, the Bay Museum is situated in a Cold war relic, a degaussing station. Although the history of the building will be covered at a later date, it could be summarized as ‘a building which monitored, via a magnetic underwater wire loop, to see if passing ships had an operating device which would keep them from detonating magnetic underwater mines’. Now it features a three things – a First World War museum on the top floor, a Second World War (worldwide and in relation to Canvey) museum on the bottom floor, and also a research facility also on the top floor, consisting of plenty of books and videos free to borrow on the Wars, and also a computer. They also have a bit about Canvey in the Cold War, and also organise coach/ferry day-trips over to France/Belgium to investigate these battlefields in the flesh. If you live locally, and haven’t visited, then you really are missing something! Pop on over, and see their numerous artefacts, displays, and also find more about our local history throughout the great three wars of our time.


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