The Pillbox (1940s)

A pillbox can be found, which is located on the very eastern most point of Two Tree Island (just before the marshland), facing out at the invader coming down the Thames. It was in poor condition, suffering a gaping hole in it’s roof, and the concrete around it flaking away with the lightest touch. Despite this, I do think that it demonstrates an excellent example of a pillbox, showing not only strategical placement, but also well preserved firing loops (another word for firing ‘holes’ or ‘slits’). You can see the way the slits bevel in on the inside allowing for the pivoting of a Bren light machine gun. It had one entrance, and three other slits, being square. Also, on the inside, it had a section extruding from the main square shape, as if it was a shelf area, but i’m not sure what it’s purpose was. It also had another large hole, but I think that this may have been a weathered firing slit, rather than a door. The areas where the walls met the roof were reinforced with corrugated iron. Since our visit in 2011, the roof has nearly completely fallen away as of 2015.


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