The Sewage Works (Early 20thC)

My grandad had a 1930s guide book to Southend and the surrounding area, and it included a map. Two Tree island is displayed as ‘Leigh Marsh’ I have seen it named as on various other maps, although far older maps have called it ‘Two Tree Island’, so this is not a modern name. I and BTP Joe had suspicions that the square water body with concrete running down it in strips was part of the rumored sewage works on the island. The map clearly displays this area as the sewage works, so not only can we confirm that, but we also know the sewage works predates 1930. It would appear the only real area the works consisted of was the reservoir seen below, with a building in the South-East corner of it shown on the map. In the 1953 floods two workers had to be rescued from the roof of this by boat.


The birds loved this place, and many of two Tree Island’s infamous Little Egrets can be seen roosting in the bushes.

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