Sudbury Pillbox (WW2)

Whilst strictly in Suffolk, it is grouped in this ‘Greater Essex’ section as it is near the county border.

I went on a day trip to Lavenham, in Sudbury, and came across some relevant, although distant, material. On the A130 and A12 motorways, I spotted tons of pillboxes, most being  either standard rectangular or 50p shapes, many identical. Despite not being able to park up and visit them, I did find one in a field further on in Sudbury, around 10 minutes in the car before Lavenham. It was of large hexagonal shape, and had an entrance in the form of a tiled slope-roofed ‘shed’. I didn’t go inside, being littered and gloomy, but I did manage to look in through one of the rifle/light machine gun slits around the outside. In the centre of the inside there was a conrete column, with some kind of square hole in, similar to that around the outside. It couldn’t have been a firing hole however (facing inside), unless the invader somehow got inside unknowingly, so maybe it was for viewing purpose. It has a picture of itself on Wikipedia, and is classified as an FW3, Type 27. I later found out that type 27s have a roofless area in the centre with a concrete column in the middle, being a mount for an Anti-Aircraft gun. This explains what I saw, although, unaware at the time, never realised that if I got ontop I’d see something even more interesting! Below is a picture showing the outside, and the ‘shed’ entrance:

Below is a picture from Wikipedia of a typical ‘type 27’ pillbox’s AA gun mount, this one being the exact same pillbox I saw above

I’m dissapointed not to have realized that all I had to do was climb on top to see this!


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