Canvey & District Bus Depot/Museum

NB: the video above is one of Beyond the Point’s earliest video productions, and quality of our videos has far improved since this video was made several years ago.

The Canvey & District Bus Depot was built in 1934, featuring contemporary Art Deco hard-edged geometric architecture. It was vacated in 1974, by Eastern National, the major primary bus service of the era – now days First dominates Essex’ streets, with Arriva in second. It was taken over by the Eastern National Preservation Group upon closure, and was designated a museum in 1979. Whilst the buses there today hold a local trend, some rarities range country-wide. It was at its time the tallest building on Canvey, and can be seen for miles around to this day, sporting an excellent view inside too.

Now the Transport Museum (, it is home to over thirty well-kept vintage 1940s-90s buses and coaches, along with other vehicles, such as military and emergency buses, and old commercials. There is also a vast selection of intricate details on the buses, such as original signs and adverts, which in my opinion make the buses superb. Within the glamourised warehouse lies other local history displays within the more conventional museum section, and an excellent trainset. Various bus memorabilia and uniforms can also be found.

The BTP Boys pre-haircuts

The BTP Boys pre-haircuts




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