Wildfowling on the Marshes

My grandad, who has helped with many articles for Beyond the Point, is a devout air-rifle collector, and owns several books on the matter (or shotgun shooting) both old and new. This older one, from the 1930s, is a commentary/diary of a man who shot birds across Essex and beyond. He mentions shooting at Canvey Island ‘point’ and Foulness Island. He took shelter behind ‘concrete barrels’ at the point, which we can now explain as being ‘Hester’s pillars’ (a ship, the SS Benmore, sank off Canvey shores, and it’s concrete-filled barrel cargo solidified as it hit water, being used by many builders across Canvey in the early 20th Century, most notably Fredrick Hester, who developed a tourist resort on the Island. Times never change, as the shooter says how there were less birds in the 30s than ‘the good times’ showing how things never change – it must be human nature how we complain that nature is disappearing in recent years.

It also mentions Foulness Island, but also a fairly well-known gunsmith who lived in a houseboat known as ‘Seabrink’ at Canvey point called ‘Charles Stamp’ of which my grandad once met years ago.

Here are the notable pages and cover/cover pages:


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