DP World London Gateway

Note the video was made prior to the professionalization of our videos


Jack Swestun and I were fortunate enough to be able to visit the periphery of the London Gateway docks as they were being constructed in October 2013. The docks were built over the site of Shell Haven oil refinery that closed in 1999. New land was created in the Thames too – which appeared to be made up of many many large rocks seen in the photographs below, then covered in sand. Construction began in 2010 although major development appeared in 2013 with the installation of eight monstrous quay cranes to lift the shipping in, deemed as high as the pyramids of Giza and far taller than the catalytic cracker of Coryton refinery that dominated the horizon as far away as Southend.

Their website and its slogan reflects aptly on the motives and concerns of Dubai Ports World in contrast to that of the locals and environment, although at least the formerly industrial site saw another use. There is however some good photographs of the site probably taken in 2014 by which time much of the sand seen above had been covered with a proper road surface and put into operation.

dpworld dpworld2



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