Old Sewage Works

These are located in the wooden area west of the current sewage works, just north of the waterline. We came across the mysterious ruins, and they were indeed quite impressive! It was a privilege to be the first to photograph the exquisite construction. I have to say that, for their size, it is highly rare for such remains to be almost unheard of. Little is known about the site’s history, although we do know that there was a sewage works in existence before the current one. This would be the remains of it, which has been identified and confirmed. Judging my slate and red terracotta brick this structure could have been built anywhere between the late Victorian era to the 1920s. Such materials were not commonly used after this. Another sewage works containing tanks and other vessels was built south of the railway near Jotman’s farm, on the opposite side of the path this structure was found on. This was said to have been later than these apparently Victorian/Edwardian remains, so perhaps a sewage works was built between the use of this one and the large current one between the 1920s to 40s roughly.

See footage of the remains here:

(please note we describe the ruin as Explosives Magasines, which we set out to find. We mistook these remains for them, at the time)


Huge Manhole Discovered 2015

Again found accidentally whilst searching for the Victorian magazine remains. This hatch was covered in undergrowth and earth almost completely so could have remained unopened for many decades considering it was hidden in what is now a wooded area. The top was made of very thick cast iron, without any branding and only a grid pattern. Because of this combined with its size it was probably at least 70 years old, possibly as old as a century or more. Unfortunately there was a mere drain waterway inside the size of half a pipe.


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