The ‘Devil’ Steps

Steeped in ghastly rumour, these concrete steps could have been built anytime from the early to the mid 20th Century, and are believe to have gained their name from either of two tales – the first is that the steps were devilish in that they would draw crude words from the mouths of tired pedestrians, as they reached the top of these incredibly steep old blighters. The second tale is that a young woman fell to her death, tripping at the top of these steps, subjected to a fall steep enough to be fatal, the result being a devilish haunting of the site.

Benfleet History Community Archive tells of their location:

The Devil Steps are in a wooded area that lies between Hill Road and Mount Road.   A public footpath leads through the woodland to the bottom of the steps and this is a regular walk for many of the local residents.   Following the footpath through eventually leads you into Mount Road, just beside the Bread & Cheese Public House.

At the bottom of the hill their was once a brickfield; somewhere in which bricks were made and sold. Bricks made here are thought to have been used in the construction of Jarvis Hall and part of St. Mary’s Church. At the top of the steps lay ‘Crescent House’, recently remade.

Watch this video toward the end, in which BTP Joe dexcribes the steps alongside video footage:

  1. Foufdog says:

    Excellent! I used to go to these steps with my friends when I was 12 years old and we were considered brave as we each took on the challenge to climb them and see our fate! Luckily nothing ever happened, but we too heard the myth.
    The story we knew of was that an old women climbed the steps and when she got to the top she saw the devil and fell back down them and broke her neck! Thus we had to go and try and I clearly remember climbing them on my own and although I was acting big when I got to the top I was bricking it! ha ha

    Nice to hear the old story again…



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