Shoebury Garrison (Victorian)

In late 2011 Joe and I visited the housing area for the troops working on the batteries now remaining in Gunner’s Park, Shoebury. Here is a description of the site, and Officer’s Mess (the actual housing area now revamped as properties) from

The Shoebury Garrison Dating back to 1797 when a signal station was erected at the start of the Napoleonic War, Shoebury Garrison is steeped in British Military history and has long been associated with the valour of the armed forces. Having housed Royal Artillery and Gunnery schools since the early 1800’s, Shoebury Garrison is now recognised as an area of national importance and is protected – much of it as a conservation area. Many of the historical buildings are listed and a great deal of the site within the ancient ramparts is protected by English Heritage as scheduled ancient monuments. The Officers’ Mess The buildings of The Officers’ Mess are undoubtedly the most prestigious listed buildings within the historic Shoebury Garrison. The grand and elegant regeneration respects and enhances the heritage of this wonderful site. The sophisticated re-development includes a section of the original Coast Guard Station, the only pre-Garrison building on the site, that now forms part of the South-facing side of The Officers’ Mess. As you walk through the stunning landscaped grounds your eye is lead to the spectacular Grand Hall where some of the original features have been restored to an outstanding finish with beautiful high ceilings and grand features and characteristics to complement its appearance. The very fabric of The Officers’ Mess is imbued with the privilege and honour of its illustrious past – just a mere glance inside the building provides a small window on a forgotten era of nobility and grandeur. An ethos that is about to come back to life inside the walls of this imposing and magnificent building.


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