Foulness Island (Early History to Present Day)

We were once fortunate to visit Foulness Island, but unfortunately no exploring or photography was allowed. My granddad, an enthusiast in air-rifles, needed to visit a gun smith who lived on the island’s village. BTP Joe and I were able to come along so we could view the marshes from the car window. We saw many unusual structures on the island from blast mounds and walls, to planes and hangars, all of secret military service at ‘MOD Shoeburyness’ as it is known. The island is also excellent for wildlife and we saw many birds roaming the environment. The island must hold many secrets, both concerning its current use, and previous, as much of the untouched land-mass has been in heavy use since Roman occupation.

  1. graham key says:

    hi chaps
    there are many more things to learn about foulness and if you wish to do so they have open days at the museum hosted by the local historian, bob crump,also bob does guided tours of the island or at least I think he still does .If you are interested get your grandad to call the gunsmith you talk about ( brian farr) and he may be able to help , that’s if you are interested
    Good hunting chaps

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