October – Distaff Club Talk

On September 17th, Liam & I gave a talk to the The Distaff Club (a very kind Women’s club!) about Beyond the Point, our work and local remains. Lasting about an hour and a half, we educated the club (and got educated a bit!) It was a wonderful evening.

The Audience!

Liam and I spoke about local remains, ranging from Canvey Island’s ROC post, to the Wat Tyler explosives factory, to even Upperhorse Island. We started by introducing the equipment that we use, and you can watch a pre-filmed video on that here.


Along side us was a table of our booklets and DVD’s which we sold many! This surprising delight, added £45 to Beyond the Point, which included a very generous £10 each, to me and Liam. We outsold our green BTP annual and a DVD has been ordered from the event (which will get delivered soon!). In the break, we did tuck in to something else that we discovered…

BTP Joe having a break with his tea and doughnuts and Liam had a hot chocolate and doughnuts!

The evening went VERY well and a BIG thank you to the club for allowing us to talk and also, for their donation……….In other news now and it’s 27 days until we release the Canvey Island Monster Returns! For my Birthday (September 30th) Liam and I went to Wimbledon Studio’s up in London where The Bill was filmed. We have a sneaky clip that was filmed there!! Not long now!



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